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About Banyan Foods

Banyan Foods is making a commitment to you, our local community. Like any solid commitment, that means we aren’t dating anyone else outside of Texas. So if provocative Idaho or peachy Georgia asks us out to see a movie, we’re going to say “Nah, we’re staying home. Texas and us have some big plans.”* Even glitzy New York called us a few times, but rest assured, we haven’t returned their calls.

We began as a family business in 1978 in Houston, making tofu and real soymilk, and we plan to remain that way for as long as possible. “Why?” you ask.

It’s very simple. Distribute products halfway across the country, and the meaning of “fresh” becomes meaningless. In spite of technology, nothing trucked from hundred of miles away is ever “fresh,” just like nothing made with a lot of junk is ever worthy of being called “natural.” None of our products ever contain added preservatives, artificial or “natural” flavorings**, or monosodium glutamate (MSG). From countless conversations with you during our demos, we know you don’t want unnecessary junk in your food and you want the freshest ingredients possible. We’ve always understood this.

Local foods offer tremendous variety and richness; whether or not that diversity will survive in the shadow of the mega-food-factories remains to be seen. Until then, our response to them will be “in our house, Momma Chiu is in the kitchen. Take a seat, or order out.”

Remember, you’re the only ones that keep us going. And we greatly ‘preciate it.

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Quick Facts

Location: Houston, TX
Distance from in.gredients: 158 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: Packaged (“Potentially hazardous food” – What’s that?)


Organic Soy Milk: Real Soymilk© doesn’t have any carrageenan, xanthum gum, guar gum, cellulose gel, color, sea salt, corn and barley extracts, seaweed, brown rice starch, malted cereal extract, “natural” flavors (the biggest loophole in the food industry), sodium hexametaphosphate, potassium citrate, or dipotassium phosphate added to it… all the junk you’ve grown to grudgingly tolerate in your soymilk.

Why all the complex ingredients? I find it strange of all the effort to conceal the natural flavor of products that claim a soy heritage. The only “natural” flavor of soy… is, not surprisingly, just soy. But you wouldn’t drink coffee without the aroma in the beans, would you?

Lose the junk, keep the soy.

Written by Josh Blaine

January 1, 2011 at 6:23 pm

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