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About Eco-Wise

ECO-WISE (e-ko-wyz) noun:

  • ecological wisdom ie: using solar power
  • an environmentally friendly green building store
  • a non-toxic interior, alternative energy information center
  • supplier of high quality hemp fashions, footwear and more
  • provider of organic cotton bedding and home fashions
  • a great eco gift shop!

Since we opened in Austin, Texas in 1990, Eco-Wise has been a leader in non-toxic environmental choices for a healthier lifestyle. Products to make your body healthier and your world a greener place to live.

Social handles

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Quick Facts

Location: Austin, TX (South Austin)
Distance from in.gredients: 4.3 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: 100% package-free | Exchangeable 5 gallon buckets


Dish soap

Floor cleaner (super pine cleaner)

Written by Josh Blaine

January 1, 2011 at 1:46 pm

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