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About Heartland Mill

Heartland Mill, Inc. is grower-owned business located in Marienthal, Wichita County, Kansas. Our owners and other suppliers grow a diversity of certified organic crops, but Hard Red Winter Wheat is our and their mainstay. The rich soil and the climate of the High Plains contribute to the production of some of the world’s very best wheat for making bread.

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Quick Facts

Location: Marienthal, KS
Distance from in.gredients: Roughly 696 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: UNFI Delivery Why UNFI?


Organic Whole Wheat Flour: We mill Heartland Whole Wheat Flour on natural stone mills from a blend of our strongest hard red wheats. Like any true whole wheat flour, nothing is added nor removed – nothing here except what’s naturally in the wheat – and all of that! Our mills run virtually every day, so you can be assured of a fresh product.

Medium Grind Organic Corn Meal: Our Yellow Cornmeal is stone-milled from selected food-grade varieties. Its flavor is decidedly sweet and its color distinctly yellow. It is ideal for making cornbread and muffins and for use in combination with wheat and rye flours in yeast and levain risen breads. Artisan bakers choose it to dust peels and proofing boards to keep loaves from sticking.

Organic Wheat Bran: Kosher

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January 1, 2011 at 1:32 pm

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