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About Maine Root

Maine Root uses Fair Trade Certified organic sugar in all of our sodas. Fair Trade certification ensures that sugar cane farmers receive a fair price for their harvest, creates direct trade links between farmer-owned cooperatives and buyers, and provides access to affordable credit. By using Fair Trade certified products, farmers and their families are earning a better income for their hard work-allowing them to hold on to their land, keep their kids in school, and invest in the quality of their harvest.

By using Fair Trade Certified Organic Sugar, Maine Root is keeping large amounts of herbicides and pesticides that are commonly sprayed on to sugar cane crops out of the ecosystem . We support Fair Trade farms, where producers must adhere to strict standards regarding the use and handling of pesticides, the protection of natural waters, virgin forest and other ecosystems of high ecological value, and the management of erosion and waste.

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Quick Facts

Location: Austin, TX
Distance from in.gredients: 3.6 miles
Delivery to in.gredients:


Maine Root Handcrafted Beverages Flavors on Tap:

  • Ginger Brew: The WICKED spicy flavor of the Ginger Root let loose to mingle with pure organic evaporated cane juice.
  • Blueberry Soda: Crack open a bottle of Maine Root Blueberry Soda, crackey, and see what you have been missin’ mistah.
  • Root Beer: Open a bottle and taste the flavor of extracts of wintergreen, clove and anise.
  • Pink Drink: Made in Austin. Texas wild-harvested prickly pear cactus juice lemonade.
  • Lemon-Lime: The cool refreshing taste of lemons and limes will make just about anyone grin.
  • Orange Soda: Sweetened with 100% Fair Trade certified organic sugar.
  • Mexicane Cola: Contains 100% Fair Trade certified organic sugar, spices, and caffeine.
  • Carbonated water: Filtered plain water with carbonation.
  • Still water: Filtered plain water.

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January 1, 2011 at 1:19 pm

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