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About Taylor Farm

Hello We’re Jill and Ward Taylor of Taylor Farm.

About 10 years ago, we were trying to improve our eating habits and food selection. We were amazed at the lack of available sources of natural food that were produced locally. Even the packaged food from the grocery store labeled as “natural” and appeared to be from small farms, was in fact far from it. With further study, we discovered that huge corporations advertising organic, unmodified or natural is not the same as sustainable and local.

It was at that point we decided we wanted to be more knowledgeable about our food, where it came from and what was going into our bodies. We sold our suburban home, changed our lives and bought a small farm in Lexington Texas. Here on the farm we raise laying hens for eggs, broiler chickens (meat birds), cattle, pigs and our garden in a truly organic fashion. There are never any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones or genetically modified seeds used anywhere at any time. We even verified that none were used on the land in the 3 years prior to our ownership.

The livestock lives as nature intended. The cattle are grass fed and rotated regularly. They are given organic minerals free choice. The pigs are also pastured and moved regularly. They are supplemented with organic feed. The laying hens free range (within electric poultry fences for their safety from predators). Both the layers and broilers are moved regularly onto fresh pasture to encourage their natural foraging instincts and their supplemental feed is certified organic. The animals are treated humanely and with respect.

In May 2011, our land and laying hens were USDA certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. In December 2011, we received our grant of exemption to process our own poultry.

Nearly everything we eat comes off our land and we would like to share our bounty with you. Not everyone wants to be a farmer, but everyone deserves great food. We encourage you to get to know where your food comes from and make eating and living healthy a priority. We have certified organic eggs for sale and broilers (meat chicken).

This is our mission with the food you consume from Taylor Farm. You can be assured that the food you feed your family feeds our family. Enjoy!

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Quick Facts

Location: Lexington, TX
Distance from in.gredients: 40.1 miles
Delivery to in.gredients:


Organic pasture-raised broilers

Organic chicken eggs

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January 1, 2011 at 10:28 am

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