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Coffee was one of the first global commodities, driving the engines of empire and shaping the destinies of entire continents. It remains one of the world’s most problematic articles of trade, with the ability to radically alter ecosystems, economies, and social structures. As the vital intermediaries in the coffee trade, connecting farmers in the coffee lands with consumers in the developed world, coffee importers and roasters bear an immense responsibility. Our work touches the lives of people all over the world, directly and indirectly, and every business decision we make has global consequences.

Different coffee companies confront these challenges in different ways–and some, of course, ignore them altogether. Third Coast’s business model rests on environmental sustainability, a commitment to social justice, and complete transparency. As any of you who’ve been to the shop well know, we like to talk people’s ears off about all three: why we buy organic and transitional coffee, what Fair Trade means to us, how we go about getting our coffee, etc. We figured it was high time we put all of that down in writing. So consider this our manifesto: What we do, how we do it, and why.

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Quick Facts

Location: Austin, TX (South Austin)
Distance from in.gredients: 7.6 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: 100% package-free | Trade-off system using re-usable air-tight containers


PERU (WHOLE BEAN): Bright and sweet with sparkling acidity, medium body, very clean.

TRES COSTAS ESPRESSO (WHOLE BEAN): A bright, sweetly citrus espresso with a milk chocolate finish that goes for miles. Shines in milk.

MIXTLÁN (WHOLE BEAN): Semi-sweet chocolate notes round out this remarkably clean Mexican French roast.

Third Coast Coffee’s Route to in.gredients


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January 1, 2011 at 6:25 pm

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