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About Three Branches Healthy Living

Three Branches Healthy Living is rooted in experience. Nearly 20 years ago, Marilee Nelson was dedicated and willing to do whatever it took to help her son, then ten years old, recover from a severe chemical exposure. She refused to accept the bleak medical prognosis that he would not recover and began to explore alternative options that focused on creating healing environments and using food as medicine. Through her son’s long road to recovery she gained experiential wisdom and knowledge far beyond the four walls of a classroom or the pages in a textbook. It did not take long for others to seek out Marilee for their own health concerns, and in 1992 she began consulting full-time and established The House Doctors.

In 2007 her niece, Allison, called desperately seeking relief from chronic pain that over a dozen doctors could not explain. Marilee linked Allison’s physical breakdown to several factors – the main one being chemical exposure to new building materials when she moved into a newly constructed apartment. It was then that the seed for Three Branches Healthy Living was planted. Allison’s best friend and roommate, Kelly, was there to soak up the priceless information Marilee had to offer, and a special bond between the three women formed. It only grew stronger as the two college graduates moved out to the Texas Hill Country to live with Marilee for a summer. After realizing the extent of her knowledge, Allison and Kelly knew they had to find a way to share it with the rest of the world. Now it is their great pleasure to provide you with Three Branches Healthy Living.

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Quick Facts

Location: Houston, TX
Distance from in.gredients: Roughly 160 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: 100% package-free | Exchangeable, reusable containers


Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner:

  • Human-safe
  • Non-toxic & biodegradable
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Natural antibacterial germ fighter
  • Effectively removes stains and odors
  • Safe to use in enclosed areas
  • Not tested on animals

Branch Basics All-Purpose Cleaner is already pre-diluted to the “standard” 5:1 solution (5 parts water to 1 part Branch Basics), so it’s ready to use right away. Spray it on anything from your greasy pots and sterling silver to your wine stains and toilet grime! It’s also great for cuts and burns. Seriously….

What is Branch Basics?

Our favorite product. Branch Basics is a powerful organic solvent that is made from the fatty acids of edible and seed-bearing plants. It is a human-safe, non-toxic soap that breaks down hydrocarbons, neutralizes chlorinated pesticides, kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. No matter what kind of cleaning job you’re up against, the all-purpose soap made with this concentrate is the answer. This one product can replace all the cleaners, detergents, de-greasers, laundry detergents and even body soaps that you’re currently using! So not only is it safe and effective, but it’s highly economical.

What does “human-safe” mean?

There are many green products available that are non-toxic and earth friendly, but Branch Basics is human safe, meaning if accidentally ingested, it will not cause harm. It is so safe that many people who are extremely chemically sensitive and immune compromised are able to use it with complete confidence. Ecologically and biologically safe, this product meets our strictest standards!

How does Branch Basics work?

Branch Basics is the product of a scientific breakthrough known as “colloidal micelle technology” or CMT. The molecules are very, very small and each particle is electro magnetically charged. It works by penetrating and breaking up oil molecules into soluble, biodegradable components. CMT allows Branch Basics to effectively break down oils, grease, grime and dirt as well or better than any other cleaner currently on the market…and does all this naturally without any toxic synthetic ingredients!

What does Branch Basics do?

Branch Basics cleans just about anything that’s washable.* Even though Branch Basics is strong enough to dissolve hard engine grease, it is still safe enough to bathe a baby. It can be used for virtually every cleaning situation imaginable. In fact, most of the time Branch Basics can outperform the toxic solvents, detergents, and cleaning products that it replaces. Branch Basics has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral properties through a nontoxic enzyme action. In addition, this enzyme action breaks down the exoskeletons of insects and provides a non-toxic method of pest control. From household use (general cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, etc.) to personal hygiene to commercial and industrial applications, toxin free Branch Basics covers most all the “cleaning” bases, and it does it without harm to you or the environment. It is the clear choice for people who understand the short and long-term dangers of exposure to the toxic cleaners that are in widespread use today. See Recommended Usage for more details.

*Branch Basics should not be used on plywood, OSB, or any MDF or manufactured board. This is because the Branch Basics will break down the formaldehyde and pull it out of the board into the air, increasing the formaldehyde levels in the air. In addition, please test Branch Basics on a small area on any wood finish or painted surface to make sure that the dilution does not harm or remove the finish. Please see the Recommended Usage Guide for more details on cleaning wood and wood finishes.

For more information on specific uses, see our super-popular blost post “Branch Basics: So Much More Than Home Cleaning!”

Purified water, fatty aids, coconut oil, organic alcohol, folic acid, minerals and enzymes derived from edible and seed-bearing plants

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January 1, 2011 at 2:25 pm

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