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About Veldhuizen Cheese

Growing up on a dairy farm in Minnesota equipped Stuart with the knowledge and love for the land and cows. A dissatisfaction with the current trends in commercial dairying caused Stuart to ask what could be done with a small family-run dairy.

In January of 2000, we, along with our seven children, embarked on our cheesemaking journey. It was a dream of ours that, with hard work and persistence, became a reality. Starting with small beginnings, our operation began with twenty baby calves, which we raised to milking age. We started with one variety of cheese and have continued to grow – currently offering over 15 varieties of artisan raw milk cheeses.

Today, Stuart and Connie, the two children still at home, and Stuart’s parents continue to work together on the farm to produce quality, real food for your table.

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Quick Facts

Location: Dublin, TX
Distance from in.gredients: 156 miles
Delivery to in.gredients: Wheels shipped via Lone Star Overnight


Texas Gold Cheddar: Our golden color doesn’t come from added coloring – it comes from the beautiful milk of our grass-fed cows. No artificially orange cheese
here! Aged twice as long as our Classic to make a slightly sharper cheese while retaining its smooth texture and flavor.

Bosque Blue: Our Bosque Blue is part of the Slow Foods Raw Milk Presidium, an honor reserved to just 32 producers. Bosque Blue is aged 5-6 months in its own special aging cave, to keep the flavors true and crisp.
Ingredients: Raw milk, cultures, microbial rennet, Redmond Real Salt, and Roquefort mold

Greens Creek Gruyere: Named for a local area near our farm, this cheese is our take on a famous Alpine cheese, Gruyere. Smooth texture and a wonderful complexity of flavors. Naturally sweet and mellow, with a hint of nuttiness. This cheese has a natural rind, which means the outside is washed with a salt brine until a natural rind is formed. The excellent melting properties of Greens Creek make it a great choice for gratins, grilling, soups, and of course fondue. It’s also great on its own, with a glass of white wine. Gruyere is aged 6-9 months.
Ingredients: Raw milk, cultures, microbial rennet, and Redmond Real Salt

Gouda: A traditional Dutch cheese with a beautiful, creamy texture. The flavor profiles in this cheese include honey, caramel, and butterscotch. What could be better! Gouda is aged 6-12 months.
Ingredients: Raw milk, cultures, microbial rennet, and Redmond Real Salt

Paragon: Paragon means model of excellence and is one of our most popular
cheeses. It’s a semi-hard cheese with a unique, slightly tangy flavor.

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