Campaign Update #1: We’re Live on IndieGoGo!

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Our fundraising campaign has begun! We’re pumped to be kicking things off!

We’re extra excited since in.gredients has been a work in progress for over six months. This is a long time coming. We’ve already talked about this, but as we continued trying to reduce waste in our homes, we kept running into one problem spot: food packaging. And when we looked into how much food packaging contributes to overall waste streams – and how unnecessary that really is – we (passionately!) brainstormed what we could do to fix things. And in addition to starting a blog, we decided to go the extra mile (or hundreds of miles…phew) to start a grocery store that did things right.

So here we are, presenting our prep-work to the public. We’re so happy and thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve gotten from you so far. We honestly didn’t realize so many of you would love our idea and want to jump on board! We’re grateful.

We have to complete this final lap (fundraising) in order to start up by year’s end – and since fundraising is always a little scary and weird, we’re offering some fun perks on our IndieGoGo page in exchange for involvement. We can’t wait to get to know customers (and their reusable containers…) at our store…and to show the industry that zero waste is much more than “possible.”

Written by Brian Nunnery

June 13, 2011 at 10:35 am

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