We’re Not a Silver Bullet

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We’ve fielded many questions in the first ten days of our campaign – from gluten-free to garbanzo beans. It’s been great to receive so much feedback from you guys. It’s what we hoped for with a crowd-sourced campaign.

What we’ve been reminded of the most: we’re not a silver bullet. While we’re prioritizing local food, oil will still be consumed during the delivery of those goods because we live in a world that still runs on oil. While we’re going to hand-pick local farmers and vendors to supply our wide selection of food, we can’t guarantee we’ll carry that-one-ingredient-you-need-for-mom’s-recipe. The truth is, we’re out to fix a lot of things: packaging waste, education, health, the local food economy…but our store alone isn’t the fix-all.

At best, we hope to show people that shopping sustainably is possible and practical. We want to educate our community on eating healthily, improve our local food economy, and show the industry that zero-waste isn’t as out of reach as most think. If we help lessen our dependence on oil and rock the packaging industry’s boat a bit, great – but that’s icing on the cake. in.gredients won’t change the world – you will. The more people we have supporting us, the more other people will notice the changes that we can all make to live more sustainably.

Written by Brian Nunnery

June 25, 2011 at 10:00 am

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  1. I’m so excited that you guys are doing this! In my home country (Taiwan), grocery shopping is usually done in open markets where different vendors bring their food in without packaging, and you tell them exactly how much you want and what container you want them to put it in, and they do it for you–it’s just the way of life. The only thing that didn’t work Given that the density of population in Taiwan is much higher than in the US (and people are actually busier), there is no reason this wouldn’t work. I think American people are just not used to the idea of not seeing packaging. It’ll take some time for them to adjust but I’m sure they’ll come around!


    August 19, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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