Location Hints Answered; Our Lucky Winner

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Congrats are in order for Lucky Bowman, the only person to guess our location! Lucky, a well-deserved pint of local brew awaits you when we open.

The clues revealed:

CLUE #1 = number riddle: 2 12 20 26 28 42 77.This riddle, as some of you guessed, mixed up numbers associated with our address: 2610 (physical address), 78722 (zip code), 20 (bus route), 42 (bike route).

CLUE #1.5 = another riddle: Stumped by our first hint? Consider this riddle: Good food, folks, and friends are found where 20 and 42 find common ground.

This was another reference to bus route 20 and bike route 42, which run concurrently on Manor Road in front of our store.

CLUE #2: photo hint

The key with this hint was not only to reveal that our store is on a road with bike lanes, narrowing our East Austin location down to Rosewood Avenue/East 11th, East 12th, Manor, Chicon, and Chesnut/Pleasant Valley. The tip-off was in the lower left corner, where the pavement turns pink. There’s a pink arrow pointing to the bike lane logo that’s obvious to cyclists traveling westbound on Manor at Walnut, directly in front of our store.

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July 18, 2011 at 11:56 am

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