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It’s easy to forget that you might be eating several servings of meat in one meal alone! It’s so deceiving. When we see a plate with a piece of meat on it, we usually just assume that’s a serving of meat.  For example, a typical steakhouse doesn’t sell cuts under 8 oz., which is actually closer to 3 servings of meat. Remember 3 oz. is about the size of a deck of cards. According to the USDA the amount people should get from the protein food group is:

  • Men ages 19 to 30 = 6.5 oz.
  • Men ages 31 to 50 = 6 oz.
  • Men ages 51 and older = 5.5 oz.
  • Women ages 19 to 30 should eat = 5.5 oz.
  • Women ages 31 and older should eat = 5 oz.

Keep in mind a high activity level or certain health conditions may mean you need more protein. Learn more about the serving size of meat and how much you really need.

(image via: meatblogger)

Written by kbrotherslane

July 22, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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