What to Plant NOW!

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Fall planting season is upon us! Even though the mercury’s still over 100F in Austin, September’s a comparatively busy month for gardeners. Now’s the time to eat the rest of your cantaloupe (above) and plant your winter (and a little spring) harvest. A special note: this post is for planters in CENTRAL TEXAS only, so if you’re reading from elsewhere, consult your local nursery or Google instructional content for your specific area to learn what you should be planting this month.

What to plant

So, Central Texans – here’s what you should be planting NOW:

Broccoli, cauliflower, green/red/Chinese cabbage, chard, kale, lettuce (leaf and head), mustard.

Dill, fennel, parsley, chives, caraway.

First, plant native Texan wildflowers – now’s the time to get ’em in the ground so they’ll be ready by March/April. Then plant pansies, poppies, sweet peas, snapdragons, larkspurs, hollyhocks, cornflowers, and alyssum, plus annuals like petunias, phlox, and dianthus.

Ground covers
Ground covers can help provide natural soil protection during winter months. Horseherb and Pigeonberry are native groundcovers that grow well in the shade, and produce flowers (and in pigeonberry’s case, berries, hence the name). If you’re low on shade, try wedelia, which can handle partial or full sunlight, and produces yellow flowers.

ALL perennials
That’s right – all of ’em.

Shrubs and trees
If you’re going to plant a tree or shrub in Austin, fall’s the best time. If you’re within Austin city limits, you may be able to take advantage of Austin Community Trees (ACT)‘s free tree program, going on until the end of the month.

Help, tips, perspective

  • Complete Central Texas planting schedule: here, via Aggie Horticulture
  • Complete Central Texas planting schedule, with links to plant descriptions: here, via Austin Organic Gardeners
  • Monthly gardening checklist for September: here, via Natural Gardener

Happy gardening!

(image via: Patrick Lane Photography)

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