Store Progress Update #2

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Patrick Lane (left) and our youngest volunteer at last Saturday's workday. (image courtesy of Lauren Welker)

Don’t worry – we didn’t just announce a package-free, zero-waste grocery store and run. We are working hard on preparing in.gredients for opening day, thanks to overwhelming support from our friends in Austin and extended community elsewhere! So, enough talk. Here’s the skinny.

Renovations = in progress.
Vendors = in progress.
Equipment = in progress.
Pre-opening event = keep your eyes open in the next few weeks for more news.

It’s sometimes hard for us to be patient during the construction process. We’re making progress every day, but we’re having to remind ourselves that it takes 5,280 feet to make a mile, not one – and every foot counts.

Many of you have asked for an exact opening date. We’re not ready to give one yet – we still have a few variables to sort out. We set “fall 2011” as a target date close to a year ago, and we’re still targeting opening by the end of fall. We’ll make the big announcement soon!

In the meantime, you’ll begin to learn about our local vendors, about how to shop at our store, and have opportunities to come help prepare our space for opening day. It’s been great to meet some of you already – we hope to meet more of you face-to-face in the coming weeks.

We want to thank everyone again for your support, and again acknowledge our commitment to bringing good food and sustainable shopping to our community. We’re excited, and racing to the finish.

See our updated FAQ page for more info.

Written by Brian Nunnery

September 28, 2011 at 4:56 pm

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