Great Perspective: 100 Days of Real Food

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100 Days of Real Food is a blog started by Lisa and Jason Leake of Charlotte, North Carolina. Last year, the Leake family (Lisa, Jason, and their two daughters) attempted to ditch artificial food for 100 days. Over a year later, the Leakes are still eating real food.

The blog’s genesis came after Lisa read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and “realized that we’d fallen prey to what the food industry had deemed ‘healthy.’ It showed me how much food marketing was misinformation, and really had me questioning what I was feeding my family…” (quote: wfaeats, 7 March 2011). After 100 days of “real food,” which the Leakes defined as food with five ingredients or less, their palates had evolved. “Artificial food actually tastes bad after eating fresh food for so long,” Lisa told Yahoo! in August.

Of course, as Yahoo! reports, “investing in all those organic groceries and specialty ingredients also impacted [the Leakes’] bank account,” for many food industry-level reasons. So the family took up another challenge: 100 days of real food on weekly budget of $125 for a family of four, which offers lots of creative ideas and helpful perspective on how to make healthy eating affordable.

Said Lisa to wfaeats: “It was a challenge, no doubt. I had to completely re-learn how to shop at the grocery store.”

As we’ve said before, we don’t just want to facilitate minimal-waste shopping for our customers – we want to teach the community about real food, and make it easy to shop for pure, local groceries while reducing waste. The Leakes’ blog offers great, honest perspective on how weird it is for those of us who grew up eating artificial food to transition to a new way of thinking about groceries and food in general.

Some quick links to 100 Days of Real Food:
The Rules
Why Cut Processed Food?
Recipes and Resources
Take the 10-Day Challenge

(image: 100 Days of Real Food)

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