Minimizing Waste: Cloth Tissues

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Next to food packaging, tissues might actually be runner-up for “most household waste generated” on a regular basis – especially during allergy season. According to Innovateus, an individual in an American household uses nearly 50 lbs of tissue paper per year! Don’t want the waste on your conscience? Applying the precycling approach (reduce, reuse, then recycle) to tissues is fun and rewarding.

The zero waste solution? Reusable tissues (and napkins), made from spare fabric, cloth, or apparel. Making Do With The Not So New offers a good walk-through for this, suggesting the following easy steps:

1. Cut fabric to 12×12″ for a tissue, 16×16″ for a napkin.
2. Hem the edges with a sewing machine.
3. Done.

Just think – new, soft tissues from those T-shirts you haven’t worn in months, great conversation-starters, and 50 lbs of waste reduced! Wins all around.

Send us pictures of your reusables!
If you’ve done this or want to do it, send us shots of your reusables via Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to share it!

You may want to consider…
1. Setting out little baskets or dishes with your new hankies around the house for easy access.
2. Placing some sort of receptacle for used hankies in an easy location for guests.

(image via: Making Do With The Not So New)

Written by Brian Nunnery

October 24, 2011 at 9:13 am

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