Reducing Waste: Do It For Your Community

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Many US towns, cities, and in some cases states are encouraging citizens to reduce waste in their homes to reduce landfill-bound waste and pollution levels – reminding us that while our personal convictions about reducing waste make it feel like an ideology, the driving forces behind this line of thinking are actually health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania does a great job of educating Pennsylvanians on how to reduce waste in their homes on this page, which includes the following five tips:

  1. Buy durable products instead of those that are disposable or cheaply made.
  2. Repair/restore used items before replacing them.
  3. Buy items you can re-use. Re-using margarine tubs to freeze foods or pack lunches, for instance, reduces the need for foil or plastic wrap.
  4. Buy items you can recycle locally through curbside collection or recycling centers.
  5. Avoid excess packaging when choosing product brands. Buy products in bulk. Buy just the amount you need: larger sizes reduce the amount of packaging, but smaller sizes reduce leftover waste.

Hmm, where have we heard this before…anyway, this is what in.gredients wants to make easy for customers. Reduce, reuse, then recycle.

(image: Lillie in the City)

Written by Brian Nunnery

November 2, 2011 at 11:01 am

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