6 Ways to Use Overripe Produce

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Before you take those be-speckled bananas to the compost pile think how nice some warm, homemade banana muffins would be. As it turns out, the soft consistency and strong flavor of overripe bananas make them the best to bake with. You probably already knew that about bananas – maybe you asked your mom or your grandma why they always put questionable looking bananas in the freezer and made the connection several months later when presented with a slice of banana bread after school. Oh moms! There’s method in their madness…

But did you know you can do the same with zucchini? A little overripe zucchini or yellow summer squash would never hurt a coffee cake or tea bread, promise! What about apples? Those apples that are passed their prime for snacking have not missed their calling to be saucy!

And don’t give up too early on  tomatoes or cucumbers either, they could still be great as soup (or pasta sauce) or relish.

So that’s five ways right there to make use of produce before giving it back to the earth. Here’s one more just for good measure:

Especially great as a holiday season dessert, if you have a bit of overripe fruit, try making a gelato! This is a base recipe that works great with any kind of fruit, so you can get really creative. Think of all the possibilities: cinnamon-pear, pomegranate, pumpkin spice, vanilla-orange, persimmon-pecan. These and so many others would make great seasonal gelati!

(image: Earth911)

Written by jmalsky

November 18, 2011 at 3:51 pm

2 Responses

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  2. Actually, brown spotted bananas are ideal ripeness. This means that the starches have turned into simple sugars. The banana is now more sweet, more nutritious and easier to digest. They should look like a “dinosaur w****r”…

    Iron Clad Ben

    November 20, 2011 at 8:25 pm

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