Ideas for DIY Containers? Visit The Burlap Bag!

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Have you ever found yourself looking online for hand-made goods (from craft-makers, artisans, and vintage enthusiasts) and thought to yourself, “wouldn’t it be great if this were a brick and mortar shop?” If so, you’ll be delightfully surprised to learn of Austin’s The Burlap Bag (502 West 30th Street). The store’s stocked with artisan crafts as well as locally-made creative gifts and home decor. It’s a must-see for any DIY enthusiast, and a fun trip for anyone!

What’s more, in.gredients‘ future shoppers can find cool projects to work on by visiting The Burlap Bag’s blog – a great way to make use of the meanwhile before in.gredients‘ Manor Road storefront goes live! Josiah and Lauren Lowe, The Burlap Bag’s founders, are all about sustainability – and their blog has some great ideas for preparing for sustainable living, including tutorials on how to make such in.gredients-handy things as DIY spice shakers, DIY vegetable broth, and DIY room air-freshener.

(image: The Burlap Bag)

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