Grocery Store in Scope, Convenience Store in Scale

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The title says it all – in.gredients is a microgrocer with a broad scope of products in a small, efficient space. It’s time to start talking about how our store will work and what to expect… we’re looking forward to finally opening our doors!

To start, we’ll talk about being a microgrocer by answering some recent FAQs…

“Are you a specialty store?”
No. Most of the time when we think of “specialty store” we think of a small store offering organic spices and nuts and herbs. As the title of this post says, we’re a “grocery store in scope” and a “convenience store in scale” – meaning we’ll offer a broad selection of food (dairy, meat, produce, breads, household cleaners, …) in a dense, efficient space.

Think of us as a grocery store for all your basics – milk, vinegar, toothpaste, flour, dishwashing detergent – as well as some “special” things like beer, wine, chicken feed, seeds, etc.

“So what about product selection?”
We’ll have between one and “a couple to a few” options for every product we carry. The idea is to simplify grocery shopping. We want to make it easy for you to find ingredients and easy for you to do things with those ingredients.

“Why are you a microgrocer? Why not open a bigger store?”
We want to be a neighborhood store. Plus, the microgrocer model allows in.gredients to easily open in more Austin neighborhoods without displacing existing buildings or requiring excess surface parking that displaces livable space. There are still many neighborhoods in Austin without walkable access to a neighborhood grocer – and we’d love to help fix that!

Written by Brian Nunnery

April 12, 2012 at 5:20 pm

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