in.gredients: A Timeline

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we first announced our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign! Last June we pushed the in.gredients idea out to the public, curious to see if anyone would support our cause.

A year later, that cause is almost a reality! Our Manor Road storefront in Austin is finally nearing completion – so we want to take a chance to look back at how we’ve gotten here and look forward to seeing in.gredients come to life:

June 2011

in.gredients founders

in.gredients begins a crowd-sourced IndieGoGo campaign. Many of you begin to follow our blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Local and national media spread the word about our cause.

July 2011

in.gredients before construction

in.gredients secures its first location: 2610 Manor Road, a vacant garage in Austin’s Cherrywood neighborhood. Many locals begin offering to volunteer to help build the store.

August 2011

in.gredients IndieGoGo campaign = success!

Our IndieGoGo campaign ends with a bang: $15,455 raised in eight weeks. Plans for the storefront buildout are finalized.

September 2011-January 2012

in.gredients‘ Yelp! Passport to Cherrywood event, October 2011

Our rocket speed’s slowed by construction permitting delays – so we make the most of the wait with community events (Yelp! Passport to Cherrywood event, a Halloween party, numerous film screenings), and use the extra time to fine-tune our store operations. Hanging out with some of our biggest fans on Saturday mornings, we knock out the construction tasks on the building that don’t require a building permit.

Meanwhile, the in.gredients team begins to grow, welcoming Lauren Welker and Jessica Malsky. Cat Nunnery and Kae Wang (pictured above) also help the launch team build the store.

February 2012

in.gredients = under construction!

Finally, groundbreaking, after an unfortunately long waiting period! Construction of our storefront begins.

March 2012

Friends of in.gredients help break ground for the store’s garden

Construction continues, and our vacant garage begins to look more and more like a store. Our own Christian Lane and Brian Nunnery discuss in.gredients at SXSW. in.gredients hosts its first in.sessions – small, intimate recordings with artists from around the globe (videos here). in.gredients also announces its partnership with Urban Patchwork, a local mesh network of urban farms in the Cherrywood neighborhood, and plans for a store garden that’ll be a part of the Cherrywood CSA.

April-May 2012

Progress update, May 2012

The buildout continues, with momentary delays as a few construction-related complications arose. The in.gredients online community votes to paint the storefront green. The store garden’s planted with the help of Urban Patchwork, and summer plants take root.

June 2012 (Today)

in.gredients‘ outdoor light fixtures

Construction enters its final stretch. The in.gredients team prepares to move into the new storefront and get things ready to rock! The garden’s summer plants begin producing. A long, long wait begins to come to a close. Thanks to all of you for your continued support, and for hanging in there with us!

July-August 2012 (Tomorrow)

Expect in.gredients‘ opening to be unique – our final days will not resemble anything folks would typically expect from a traditional grand opening. In fact, we’re not even calling our debut a “grand opening.” Keep your eyes peeled (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, here) for news of what’s up.

in.gredients has begun its final descent into Austin. Please fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the folded, upright position… we’ll be on the ground shortly.

(images: Patrick Lane Photography, in.gredients team)

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  1. […] We’re looking forward to supporting local food producers when we open. Soon. […]

  2. We’ve driven by several times so we don’t miss when you finally open. I can’t wait!

    Nancy W.

    July 15, 2012 at 11:01 am

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