Carbon Offsets

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You may have heard the term “carbon offset” thrown around – but what does it actually mean?

What do things like breathing, turning on a light, and driving a car have in common? These simple, every day activities – as well as industrial processes – emit carbon into the air around us.

In 2006, only 13 percent of emissions were naturally removed from the atmosphere. A carbon offset is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions made to offset an emission released elsewhere. Businesses or individuals can buy carbon offsets by “supporting a renewable energy source or by funding activities like planting a tree” (GOOD). While carbon offsets alone won’t save the planet, according to Planet Green’s Jessica Root explains why they’re a proactive step to help reduce or at least offset your carbon footprint.

(image: Syracuse)

Written by supriyamisra

June 21, 2012 at 9:38 am

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