Tuesdays are for Crafting

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What better way to wind down on a Tuesday evening then crafting? Gather up that project that you’ve set aside for months (or years), and spend a couple of hours creating over beer and good conversation.

The Creation Station and Doodle Hut will be hosting a Creation Station evening every Tuesday from 6 – 8 pm, using their artistic sensibilities through free-form expressive drawing and crafting. Bring yourself, your kids, your friends, your dog, and your crafts! There will be art supplies on hand, but feel free to bring your own project, or some materials to share.

Up-cycling is highly encouraged.

To get you inspired, we found a neat crafting project on how you can organize and label your spices.

This stroke of genius came from the blog, A Cozy Kitchen. An organized spice drawer sounds like good crafting inspiration to us.

First you’ll want to get containers. You can use mason jars if you know you’ll be storing large amounts of spices. Look for containers that are wide-mouthed so you can fit a tablespoon for scooping purposes.

The next step is getting some chalkboard paint (which you can buy at local hardware stores) you can either paint the top of the jar or you can paint on the front of the jar.

Gather all your spices, write down what you have, and start painting. She recommends painting on two coats of chalkboard paint, and using a coat of primer if you have any.

Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes, and then label using whatever colored chalk tickles your fancy. The nice thing about using the chalk board method, is you can erase and re-label if needed.

We love do-it-yourself projects. Especially the ones that involve storing bulk items. Happy crafting!

Written by cscdavis

November 13, 2012 at 2:46 pm

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