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When someone you know goes on a trip, the first question asked (or what you WANT to ask) when they return is, “so, what did you bring me?” For us, we love when these gifts are food. Give us some salmon from the Northwest or coffee from Hawaii, and we’re happy campers. There is a sense of joy and curiosity that comes with treats from somewhere other than home.

Our mission at in.gredients is to encourage our customers to shop as local and sustainable as possible, which is why 93% of our vendors are found in Texas. We set ourselves apart from other stores by sourcing the majority of our goods locally and seasonally. Think back to the early 1900’s when non-local produce wasn’t readily available. Back then, a crate full of oranges or avocados were considered an exotic gift – something reserved for souvenirs and fancy parties.

Shopping at conventional grocery stores nowadays allows you to get any item, from all over the world, whenever you want. That isn’t how we roll, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like exotic treats as much as the next guy – everything in moderation, as they say. We think indulging in some delectable goodies from another region now and then brings further appreciation for different local cuisine, connects us to the larger global community, and generally adds a little variety to the familiar.

So when “Uncle Mike” comes for a visit, you know he’ll have something special in store for you.  Of course, Uncle Mike cares about sustainability as much as we do, so you can be sure he’ll bring treats from businesses and producers we feel good about supporting, and Uncle Mike always tells a good story, so he’ll make sure you know the whos and whys and whats. You can follow Uncle Mike and get updates on what he’s bringing into the store on Twitter.

When you’re feeling like a special treat, stop on by to see what Uncle Mike has brought us at in.gredients. Happy shopping (and happy eating)!

Written by cscdavis

January 9, 2013 at 4:06 pm

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