Uncle Mike’s Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon

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salmonWe have our first Uncle Mike product!

One of our founders, Christopher Pepe (aka Uncle Mike), hails from Portland, Oregon and paid us a visit this week. We were happy to see him, but we were happier to see the smoked salmon he brought for the store.

This smoked salmon comes from Tony’s Fish Market, a market and cannery in Oregon City, Oregon. This market is a 5th generation family operation, being run out of the same location since 1936. It’s a beloved business in the community, and has a loyal following of seafood-loving customers.

Tony sells the best fish from local Pacific Northwest (PNW) waters, taking advantage of the variety of salmon that are native to the PNW. Tony offers wild salmon as well as some farmed salmon, grown in low density natural environments on native land in British Columbia.

The salmon is traditionally cured and smoked, which creates that amazing flavor we all love. When you think of smoked fish, you may think of  nova lox, which is cold smoked and never heated above 90 degrees F, which makes it cured but not cooked. This salmon is kippered, which means it’s fully cooked, and has a crumbly texture. This fish is salty and smokey, and is great on crackers with cream cheese, and can also be used as a substitute for bacon. We have four flavors for you to choose from: pepper, lemon pepper, hot & spicy, and garlic.

No matter which one you choose or how you eat it, you’ll always wish you had more.

Written by cscdavis

January 11, 2013 at 2:31 pm

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