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South By is upon us, and we have in.vited musicians from all over Austin and all over the world to come by our space and record a few songs inside the store in front of a live audience. We call these in.sessions, and we’re pretty excited about who we’ve got lined up this year.

These shows are free and open to our customers to attend, but please be aware that space inside is limited, so we will have to manage the number of people allowed in during recording. Don’t worry, though – we’ll be piping the music outside to our beer garden all the while, so everyone will have a chance to enjoy the live tunes.

This year we’re also doing Porch Sessions, which will be short acoustic sets on our front porch from a similarly diverse collection of musicians. Expect free live music all day Friday and Saturday starting at noon. Here’s to living in the live music capital of the world!

And now for the schedule – keep your eyes peeled for more band announcements coming soon (TBA)!

TUESDAY, March 12th – in-store (live recorded) in.sessions:
5:30 – Whiskey Shivers (Austin, TX)
6:15 – The Falls (Australia)
7:00 – Hi Ho Silver Oh (Los Angeles, CA)
7:45 – Sun Club (Annapolis, MD)
8:30 –
9:15 – Highasakite (Norway)

WEDNESDAY, March 13th – in-store (live recorded) in.sessions:
5:30 – Ravenna Woods (Seattle, WA)
6:15 – Plastic Flowers (Greece)
7:00 – Friendly People (Brooklyn, NY)
7:45 – M. Lockwood Porter (Berkley, CA)
8:30 – Pree (Washington, DC)
9:15 – Pocket Vinyl

THURSDAY, March 14th – in-store (live recorded) in.sessions:
5:30 – Johanna Chase (Los Angeles, CA)
6:15 – Ashlynn Ivy (Beaumont, TX)
7:00 – Jillette Johnson
7:45 – The Florida Kilos (FL)
8:30 – Actual Wolf (Minneapolis, MN)
9:15 – TBA

FRIDAY, March 15th – Acoustic Porch Sessions:
12:00 The Golden Hour (Austin, TX)
12:30 Idiot Glee (Lexington, KY)
1:00 The Hounds Below
1:30 BEARDS (Australia)
2:00 Katie Frank (Philadelphia, PA)
2:30 Thee, Idea Men (Philadelphia, PA)
3:00 Leah Nobel (Austin, TX)
3:30 Jason Blum (Austin/New York)
4:00 The Everymen (New Jersey)
4:30 Shawnee Kilgore and William Wallace (Austin, TX)
5:00 Miracles of Modern Science (Brooklyn, NY)
5:30 Brett Randell (Austin, TX)
6:00 Small Houses (Philadelphia, PA)
6:30 Star and Micey (Memphis, TN)
7:00 The Carolina Story (Nashville, TN)
7:30 Sam Hammerman (Austin, TX)
8:00 Jason Ludwig (Cincinnati/Austin)
8:30 TBA
9:00 HEADLINER: Young Empress (Los Angeles, CA)

SATURDAY, March 16th – Acoustic Porch Sessions:
12:00 Dean Johanesen (Sarasota, FL)
12:30 Mick Leonardi (Oakland, CA)
1:00 Erin Miley (Baton Rouge, LA)
1:30 BEARDS (Australia)
2:00 Mandy Sloan (St. Augustine/Austin)
2:30 Decker (Arizona)
3:00 The Sea Life (Washington DC)
3:30 Katy Starr (Austin, TX)
4:00 Jennifer Lee Stuart (Northampton, MA/Austin, TX)
4:30 Chris Strand (South Dakota, Austin)
5:00 Patrick Brooks (Ohio, Austin)
5:30 The Villettes (Austin, TX)
6:00 Kurt Grein (Austin, TX)
6:30 Kestrels (Canada)
7:00 Tony Redman (Austin, TX)
7:30 Common Mama (UK)
8:00 The Boston Boys (Boston, MA)
8:30 Friendly People (Boston, MA)
9:00 HEADLINER: Eli Mardock (Nebraska)

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March 12, 2013 at 9:54 am

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