Michael Pollan: Reclaiming Cooking

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Michael Pollan has spent the last few years getting to know his food. With the release of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Pollan was thrown into the spotlight and is now considered one of the leading food writers in the country. With the release of his new book, Pollan has shifted his view from our food system, to the intimate and personal act of cooking.

This CBC interview with Pollan highlights the lessons he’s learned on his journey, and how food and cooking are social, cultural and political acts. Whatever your opinion might be on Pollan’s approach to food, his in-depth journey take a look at how cooking is what sets us apart from other creatures and is the base of our community and culture.

You can’t talk about food and cooking without touching on the gigantic beast that is our industrial food system. Pollan states that with fast and processed food, the industry has taken away our ownership and relationship to food. The system relies on low quality food chock full of fat, sugar and salt. The combination of these three things make for irresistible food that is high in calories and fat and low in nutritional value.

This interview is the perfect thing to listen to on this beautiful Friday morning. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in Pollan’s word and want to spend your Friday night in the kitchen. Whatever you journey is, take the time to reconnect and reintroduce yourself to your food.

Happy cooking!

Interview: Michael Pollan on CBC

Photo credit: CBC

Written by cscdavis

June 7, 2013 at 10:24 am

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