Daily Greens Summer Cleanse

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Cleanses can be daunting. Initially, your brain might jump to the thought of 10 days surviving on nothing but lemon, water, paprika and maple syrup. This is not the type of cleanse we’re talking about. Instead, think of the Daily Greens Summer Cleanse as four days of clean eating, resetting the body and getting everything back to square one.

We started carrying Daily Greens at in.gredients a few months ago, and have fallen in love with their juice. This brand new company has seen amazing success as more and more people get hooked on their product. It’s easy to see why people can’t get enough of the stuff, as each bottle contains 6 pounds of produce, sourced from local farmers. Not only that, when you finish drinking a bottle you’ll have consumed 9 servings of vegetables. If that isn’t enough to convince you, this juice has five times the nutrients as standard juicing due to their cold-pressed juicing methods. Cold pressed juice retains more of the vegetable’s nutrients, as heat is never introduced in the process.

It’s no wonder you feel like a super human after you finish. Now, imagine if you were to drink three (18 pounds of vegetables!) of those bottles a day, on top of a vegan, raw diet. That, my friends, is what a cleanse should look like. By filling up with fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re giving your body a chance to detox and reset to your healthiest self.

Speaking from experience, this four-day cleanse (and Daily Greens Juice) is like a breath of fresh air. Yes, I had a little bit of a headache the first two days, but now that I’ve reached day four I feel fantastic. I feel lighter, my skin is clear and has a ‘glow’, and I make it through my work day while still having enough energy for running, biking and yoga. Shauna, the founder of Daily Greens, is who turned me on to the 2013 Summer Cleanse, as I followed her journey on Facebook. While I didn’t stick to her menu directly, I filled my diet with only vegan, raw and organic fruits and vegetables (the amount of kale I’m eating is absurd.)

If you’re feeling in need of a reset before summer is in full swing, check out the Daily Greens Facebook for Shauna’s menu plan. You won’t regret the decision, I promise.

As the folks from Daily Greens say, Drink Your Veggies!

Written by cscdavis

June 18, 2013 at 1:41 pm

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