Wine & Dine Community Cooking Class

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Summer is the perfect time to focus on healthy, plant-based meals. With temperatures in the triple digits, sticking to a diet full of locally grown produce is a refreshing way to beat the heat and survive this Texas summer.

We’re lucky that there are so many healthy, active and knowledgable folks here in Austin. We’re even luckier to be teaming up with Traveling Recipes for our first Community Cooking Class. Traveling Recipes was created by Andi, a former teacher who left the public school system to work on changing the way our community eats. She believes in forming a relationship with your food, eating lots of vegetables, and getting creative in the kitchen.

Andi is a food coach, private chef, nutrition educator and food blogger. Andi’s workshops inspire improved eating habits, increase knowledge of nutrition and whole foods while enhancing overall wellness. Our community class will teach you how to cook easy and wholesome food while having a great time. We will be sourcing and highlighting produce from several of our beloved local farms. Not only will you cook amazing food, you’ll know exactly where it came from and celebrate in the fact that you’re supporting your local food system.

If you have a little one, feel free to bring them! The wonderful ladies from The Little Yoga House will be joining us for the evening, providing yoga and fun activities for your kids while you’re cooking. The cost for the yoga class is $20 per child, cash or check only. If you do plan on bringing your little one along, please send us an RSVP email at

If you like food, new friends and delicious beverages (we even have kombucha on tap!) join us on Saturday, July 20th from 6-8 pm for our first Wine & Dine Community Cooking Class.

Register here!

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  1. Where is this cooking class located?


    July 20, 2013 at 11:53 am

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