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Leah, from Kid’s Kitchen ATX, knows food. While many bloggers these days come from various backgrounds and come together through their love of food, Leah is the real deal. As a registered dietitian and nutritionist, she not only loves food she understands (REALLY understands) why and how it’s so important to eat healthy.

We adore the fact that Leah takes all of this knowledge and focuses on teaching kids and their parents why eating healthy is the way to go. As obesity rates surge, it’s critical that the Leah’s of the world are out there, teaching kids why kale and carrots matter.

We raise our vegetables to Leah and her amazing blog, Kid’s Kitchen ATX.


How did you discover your love of food and writing?
About 4 years ago, I started a blog called Treats & Feasts.  I mainly showed pictures of my children’s birthday cakes (I have always baked and decorated their cakes or cupcakes) and other celebration’s treats AND feasts. Then, when I started teaching kids cooking classes FOR REAL (not just for friends) a couple of years ago, I started my blog Kids Kitchen where I blog about what we make in class and recipes our family is trying at home.  I like showing parents of the kids that attend my classes, what they made, how it was done, and the kids’ faces during class.  It completes the experience.

Has blogging changed the way you view food and cooking? If so, how?
For sure!  As a food blogger, to create new content, you are always experimenting with new foods and new recipes.  My view on food has changed because I now care more about the quality of ingredients that I am using and the variety of foods we try has increased immensely. It makes me happy to know that I used a locally bought honey, or vegetable, or fresh basil from Granddads’ garden.  As I read blogs that I follow and try new recipes, I learn new styles of cooking and just when you think you have found the best way to eat or prepare a food, you’ll find a new way that you might prefer, or your children prefer.

What is your favorite ingredient to use in the kitchen?
Hmmm.  Maybe its crushed garlic after its been pressed in my garlic press.  The smell of it, onions, and bell peppers sautéing always gets me excited for some reason.  However, right up there with garlic, is eggs from our chickens.  I just rolled my eyes at my husband when he said we were getting chickens.  However, now, I love the fact that we have free-range egg-laying chickens just out our back door because our whole family loves them (the eggs and the chickens.)  We could, and sometimes do, eat them everyday.  I love this ‘ingredient’ because I can use eggs for breakfast, boiled egg for snack, a quick dinner, add to a stir fry rice dish, or of course to bake with!

What is your best memory in the kitchen?
My best memory so far is definitely one of my first kids cooking camps held in my kitchen that my children and my closest friends’ kids attended.  I had very young kids cutting up fruit, mixing up batters, and tasting new foods!  This gives me great joy.  My children look forward to it every year, so I know I am creating wonderful memories for them too.

What is the best thing about your kitchen?
My oven, Kitchen Aid mixer, refrigerator, and cooktop are all in very close proximity.  I also have lots of storage with big drawers.  However, sometimes I wish my trashcan was right below my prep area. But, instead, I’ll continue to use my ‘compost/chicken feed’ bowl.

What is your favorite meal to prepare?
Easy ones that everyone enjoys.  I know this is super simple, but spaghetti with meat sauce (using our ground venison) and a salad.  My kids love it and it makes great leftovers.  Even though I don’t make it often, I like making lasagna, the process of it all. Plus, it reminds me of my mom and cooking with her for a large family gathering, usually a birthday.  Only problem with making lasagna is that I like to load it with lots of veggies and I get complaints my some people in my family.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
My dream kitchen has a very large island that’s painted turquoise with pretty legs and lots of cubbies and drawers. The island would have room for at least 8 stools for people to sit at.  I can either have a group of kids sitting at the island and engaged during a kids cooking class or have my girlfriends sitting down to enjoy wonderful food and wine together.  Because, really, at all parties and gatherings, everyone seems to end up in the kitchen for long periods of time.

What 3 quests would you like to have at your dinner table?
1. Pioneer Woman – because I have met her and she would be pretty cool and a laid back person to enjoy dinner with.
2. My Grandma Green – who was always in the kitchen when I was little, but did not get the chance to have her over for dinner at my house.
3. Lisa Leake from 100 Days of Real Food

What does the word “sustainable” mean to you when it comes to food?
Sustainable food in our family is very relevant term in regards to a lot of the foods we eat.  We are blessed that we have a hunter and fisherman that provides a bulk of our meat proteins like fish and deer.  We raise chickens for our eggs.  We use vegetable and herbs grown in my father-in-laws garden (that we help maintain and the kids helped prepare it.)  And, I buy from local farmers and sometimes get a CSA box delivered.  We could be self-sufficient if needed, but for now, we are supporting a local, organic, and better quality food supply.

Favorite Recipe to Date?
Favorite ‘food activity’ to complete with the kids: Vegetable Gardens!
We usually plant a vegetable seed this day and learn about how plants grow and why we should eat them.

What three recipes would you share with our readers?

Why and How to Eat Okra

Rainy Day Ratatouille

Chocolate Beet Cupcake Hearts

img_3511 copy


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