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It’s fall. The season of change and transition. It’s the perfect season to do a fall cleanse. Reset your system and dust out the corners before heading into winter. With a few team members throwing around the idea of a cleanse, we reached out to the folks at Daily Greens (who make amazing raw cold pressed vegetable juices that make you feel super human… honestly) and they were excited to support us. Starting today, six of our team members will be participating in a 4-day Daily Greens Cleanse… we can’t wait.

So what does it mean to participate in a Daily Greens Cleanse? For four days we will be drinking 3 Daily Greens juices per day, plus all the raw fruit and vegetables we need to eat to feel full. A lot of us are cyclists, runners, etc. so we will be adding in some raw nuts and seeds to get the protein we need to keep us going. During these four days we will eliminate: coffee, alcohol, cooked and refined foods, all animal products, and all gluten and grain products.  Sound daunting? Here’s what to expect post cleanse: potential weight loss, mental clarity, WAY more energy, clear skin and elimination of sugar cravings. Makes it all worth it, eh?

We have two team members who have started the cleanse today, and four more starting on Monday. Stay tuned if you are interested in cleansing and want to hear about their experiences. We are all eager to do the cleanse for different reasons, so take a gander at our profiles and see why we are diving into the Daily Greens Fall Cleanse. Stop by the store and ask us about it, and pick up some Daily Greens for yourself!

Why We’re Doing the Daily Greens Cleanse


Last Thursday, I kissed 29 goodbye and crossed the threshold into my 30s. There was an epic thunderstorm that night, with a dozen inches of water rinsing the city clean, replenishing the landscape, and ushering in the change of seasons. I couldn’t help but notice the synchronicity of it all, as well as an internal nudge to do something similarly cleansing for my freshly 30-year-old body. I have turned to Daily Greens for a healthy pick me up in the past, after a long night out or a long day of gardening, and this opportunity to participate in my first ever juice cleanse couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.


Well, simply put- I am voluntarily doing this cleanse because I’ve never done one before. I’ve seen some other variants of the liquid diet protocol but honestly they didn’t look very enjoyable, let alone, very tasty. As a parent, I put a premium on my quality of life with my son and I’m open to anything that will lend itself to better living. Perhaps I’ll develop a regular regimen of cleanses, perhaps not, the most important thing to me is that I keep striving towards a healthier life for myself, and by extension, my kiddo.


With only a few days until my 30th birthday, I see this cleanse as an opportunity to flush out (figuratively and literally)  the toxins from my 20s and take on the next decade fresh and healthy.  This will be my first real cleanse, so I’m at once eager and nervous to see how my body and mind respond to the challenge.


I’m doing this for two main reasons:

I eat if I’m bored or stressed and I’ve become too dependent on caffeine and sugar- almost always giving into cravings.
I also am currently having some issues with my piriformis muscle, and the pain is radiating down my hamstring and calve. I know that if I can bring my body to a more alkaline state it will help my muscles heal themselves.


For the past two months I have been putting my health on the back burner. I have been loading up on sugar, carbs and anything that looks tempting. Needless to say, my body isn’t happy with me. I did the summer Daily Greens Cleanse and felt like a lighter, happier and healthier version of myself. I want to get back to that. Bring on the juice!


I’m doing this cleanse because I don’t take care of myself very often and I want to see if this juice cleanse will turn my life around and make me a stronger, healthier, more productive human being.

Written by cscdavis

October 18, 2013 at 12:55 pm

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  1. I’m starting the cleanse this week, and I’d love to hear how it went for all of you!


    November 8, 2013 at 9:02 am

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