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If you follow our Facebook, blog or twitter, you probably noticed that a bunch of our team members were doing the Daily Greens Fall Cleanse. We had a wonderful time drinking our veggies, and are overwhelmingly grateful to the Daily Greens team for giving us the opportunity. We asked all the participants to write a reflection of how they felt post-cleanse, so read on if you’re interested in Daily Greens, juice cleanses and overall health and well-being!


Seventy two pounds of produce later (the equivalent to twelve bottles of juice), I feel pretty good. In fact, I think I have only eaten raw vegan so far today.

However, I did have a slice of pizza and a beer after midnight last night. And y’all should have seen the look of pure satisfaction on Jon’s face when he bit into his first post-cleanse bagel with cream cheese! Priceless!

One of my favorite things about the Daily Greens cleanse has been sharing the experience with five of my coworkers and friends. It has been a bonding experience focused on our personal health, sharing food and recipes, as well as many poop jokes. I highly recommend doing something like this with a partner or group of people.

Thanks Daily Greens!


Well, the 4 days came and went and I have to say that I felt really good. I think the biggest difference was how refreshed I felt all the time, literally, I was very hydrated all day. Though I was hungry a bit from time to time, I never felt run down or ‘hung over’ from abstaining from my regular diet. Now that I am a week removed from beginning the cleanse I certainly feel a shift in my personal feelings towards my regular diet and will be moving towards foods that will give me that ‘ol hydrated feeling’ again. Goodbye coffee, hello juicing!


After four days of pushing seventy-two pounds of produce through my body, I was pretty exhausted.  I noticed substantial changes in my mental state, notably the lack of caffeine not affecting my mood any longer, but also smaller things like a boost of energy and some clarity in the mornings that I haven’t felt since I was a kid.

I decided that at midnight I would break my juice cleanse.  So I went to my favorite restaurant and bought a steak with french fries.  And when it came to my table and I began eating it was when I realized how amazing this cleanse was.  I could taste the gristle of the charred edges of the sirloin, the sweetness of the fat and the smoke of the grill.  I could actually taste potatoes inside of the french fry.  You know what I mean!  It was amazing.

So I say to my fellow fasters, Daily Greens, and in.gredients, thank you for helping me to enjoy my favorite foods, again.


Generally I enjoyed the experience of eating only raw foods for four days.  Since finishing up, I’ve found myself continuing to do so even when free to choose cooked or non-vegan options.  For dinner on the “fifth” day, for example, I came home and put together a huge salad of spinach greens and dino kale, with chunks of raw carrot, green beans, pumpkin seeds, cashews and sprouted lentils (a new food I discovered on this cleanse).  Sure, I had a small side of bread and butter and a beer, but I easily could have cooked those spinach into an omelet with all the eggs I had in my fridge, or stewed them into a pot of lentils as per usual.  The practice of eating raw and vegan during my cleanse instilled a deeper appreciation for the inherent value of doing so, and I suspect I will carry that with me well beyond this week.  I also really came to appreciate starting my day with something as simple and satisfying as a warm cup of lemon water.  I trust I’ll carry that forward as well.  Not to mention I had a Daily Greens the next day – I was definitely craving one of those!

Physically I felt few changes during and after the cleanse.  During the cleanse, the worst I dealt with was a few pangs of hunger, the occasional very subtle headache, and the habitual temptation towards sweets and dairy (being around those foods a few times at parties/potlucks, I realized that I felt no physical cravings for foods not allowed in the cleanse; disciplining myself wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected it to be).  Considering my default diet is full of whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and very little meat or processed foods, this cleanse wasn’t an enormous departure for me.  But the exercise of fasting for portions of multiple days, keeping those veggies I normally cook raw, and paying closer attention to my body were all valuable experiences.  I would not be surprised if in preparation for the next transition – whether seasonal or personal – I feel compelled to do another Daily Greens cleanse.  Thanks to Shauna and the crew for this great experience!


The Day After:

For the first time in almost five days, I didn’t sleep well. But that had to do with my two trips to the bathroom, and our ten month old kitten running around our apartment all night. He’s cute, but he’s kind of a maniac. It was the first time in five days I felt I needed some help waking up. I made some coffee without sugar (success number one), but interestingly enough only felt like drinking half a cup (success number two). This was awesome to me; I used to drink two cups of coffee to wake up, then I’d sip on coffee mindlessly throughout the day just because it was there. I no longer crave that taste as intensely, if at all, as I did before this cleanse.

I also don’t crave sugar like I used to. I crave sweetness, sure, but I can satisfy that with fruit. I’m no longer eyeing up cookies or cupcakes, I realize how nutritionally useless those things are to me and how I relied on them for temporary sustenance. I’ve made a promise to myself to consistently incorporate raw foods into my diet and become more adventurous with my cooking.

This morning Chelsea asked me how I was doing, and all I could really say was “I feel like a person again.” There is no other way I can describe it, I finally feel the way I SHOULD feel. I’m not sluggish, or foggy, or hungry, or tired, or in pain. I’m clear-minded, fulfilled, and grateful.

They say it takes 28 days to break a habit, but it’s amazing what four days of set intention can do. Thank you for this opportunity Daily Greens.


Participating in the Daily Greens cleanse was like taking a deep breath and getting my health back on track. I felt great during those four days, and share in Russell’s observation; I was SO hydrated. I definitely noticed that I had more energy in the morning, and after I kicked the caffeine headache, I was good to go. I also am going to thank the Daily Greens cleanse for slowing me down and helping me be more mindful when it comes to my food. As a person who tends to eat when I’m bored, this cleanse reminded me to be aware of everything I’m putting in my body.

Since ending the cleanse, I have kept coffee out of my diet (except on the weekends when I want a treat), and am keeping refined sugars as far away from me as possible. I definitely feel more centered and healthy, and am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to take those four days to detox.

Many thanks to Shauna and the Daily Greens team!

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October 28, 2013 at 1:39 pm

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