Supporting Farms This Thanksgiving

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Today we are thankful for our growers.

Here’s what you already know, we love all things local. Our entire business is based on the idea that you can feed your economy and community by buying from local farmers, ranchers and artisans. If you take the time to dive into why food matters, you’ll understand why we are so dedicated to our local food system.

This week has been about reflecting on why we opened in.gredients. We opened this store because the conventional system is broken. We opened this store because we believe in our community and know that when push comes to shove, they’ll fight fork and spoon for their farmers.

The day before Thanksgiving is a perfect day to shake the hands, pat the backs, and raise your glasses to our growers. Because of their hard work we are able to stock our store with fresh produce, fresh meat and dairy and homemade artisanal food products, keeping the money in our community.

Thanksgiving is all about the food, and today we encourage y’all to support as many local growers as you can. Wouldn’t it be great to buy your groceries and realize that a majority of that money is going straight back into our local economy? Vote with your fork, have a local Thanksgiving.



Written by cscdavis

November 27, 2013 at 6:25 pm

Posted in Community

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