“Art”-ichoke with Salted Garlic Butter


As April rolls in, spring is coming to an end and it’s time to take advantage of the last month or so of spring veggies before early summer. With a few new additions to our produce section, there is plenty to keep you busy in the kitchen. If you are looking for another hearty snack, consider sharing an artichoke or two with friends and family, or preparing the hearts as a tasty addition to your favorite salad.

We know this little veggie can be daunting to prepare, but have no fear, for we have advice from one of Austin’s top bloggers, Elizabeth Van Huffel, who has made the process simple and easy with photos and instructions to lead you on your way. Elizabeth’s blog, Local Savour, strives to incorporate 80 – 100 % of her ingredients locally and is a great resource for seasonal creations.  If you are already familiar with the art of artichoke preparation, we’ve gone ahead and listed Elizabeth’s favorite recipe below. Happy Eating!


in.structions for cooking artichoke:

Cut off the stem of the artichoke until there is about ¼ an inch left. Rinse and place in a double boiler, cooking about 20 minutes or until the base of the stem is fork-tender. If you do not have a double boiler handy, immerse your artichokes in a pot of water, making sure to cover the artichokes completely and boil using the same method above. Once fully cooked and tender, remove excess water and serve with salted garlic butter.

in.structions for salted garlic butter:


3 tbsp of unsalted butter

½ tsp of sea salt

⅛ tsp of garlic powder or mashed fresh garlic

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April 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm

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