Homegrown Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are a great Texas crop.  Planted in the spring after the last frost, these herbaceous perennial vines will grow right through the summer heat with only moderate watering.  Their greens – edible if cooked – are a great locavore alternative to all those other greens that simply can’t survive the summer heat.  Plus, they make an effective (and attractive) ground cover mulch for your soil, leaving it healthy and aerated for the fall season.  But they aren’t the easiest crop to grow well.  Farmer Sue tells us how she had a bumper crop in our raised garden boxes this summer:

“Sweet potatoes grow really well in a medium of about 3 parts cedar chips to 1 part compost. No soil needed! We grew about 50 pounds in a 4×4 box with our chip/compost medium about 1 foot deep and watered daily during the summer drought. Plant them in late spring and harvest 4-6 months later. What you plant are slips, not pieces of potato. We planted 9 slips in a 4×4 box. Buy the slips from a good nursery or grow them yourself. For more information, come talk to me (I’m usually out in the garden) in the spring!”


You can find these delicious and fresh sweet potatoes in our produce section for $1.99/lb.  Get them while supplies last!

Written by Josh Blaine

December 8, 2015 at 8:01 pm

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