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We’re thrilled you’ve discovered in.gredients. Our in.novative, triple bottom line, sustainable micro-grocer business model is one of the most progressive in the food and grocery industries.


The in.vestment period for in.gredients‘ first storefront has ended. Thanks to all who’ve helped in.gredients get started – including those who helped us raise $15,455 of crowd-sourced funding through our 2011 IndieGoGo campaign. We’ll update this page with new investment opportunities in the future.

in.vestment Inquiries

For questions regarding direct investment opportunities, contact us here.

Thanks very much!

Written by Christian Lane

May 26, 2011 at 10:23 am

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  2. […] In.gredients, a new grocery store located in Austin, Texas, will launch this year, and tackle a fundamental design question—how can we stop using packaging when we buy food? We cannot continue to sustain the production and waste of plastic bags and products. But changing people’s minds seems as hopeless as inhabiting the moon! The In.gredients’ staffers have taken matters into their own hands. […]

  3. […] in.gredients’ opening is still pending the adequate amount of funding. If you or your company would like to invest in in.gredients, visit their website. […]

  4. […] Food packaging is pretty wasteful. Even if one recycles everything they can, a fair amount of packaging is going in the trash. In.gredients, a supermarket slated to open this year in Austin is going reduce packaging needs by letting customers bring their own containers. If you don’t have a container, no problem, In.gredients will provide a compostable one for you. Unpackaged, a store with a similar concept, has already opened in London. So, maybe we’ll see supermarkets like this opening elsewhere soon. In the meantime, you can support In.gredients’ effort by being an investor. […]

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