in.gredients is currently partnered with Mothers’ Milk Bank of Austin, a non-profit organization whose mission is to accept, pasteurize, and dispense donor human milk by physician prescription, primarily to premature and ill infants.

About Mothers’ Milk Bank

(in their own words) “Infants fed human milk benefit from significantly improved rates of growth and development. Premature infants in particular are six to 10 times less likely to acquire life-threatening infections if fed human milk rather than infant formula. But fewer than half of mothers of preemies are able to provide breast milk , so donor milk banks provide a life-saving service to premature and seriously ill infants.

The non-profit Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin (MMBA) is one of only 11 milk banks in the country – and a recognized leader in providing nutritionally analyzed and labeled donor human milk for babies in Central Texas and beyond. Now in our thirteenth year, we’ve dispensed more than two million ounces of donor human milk to thousands of medically-fragile infants.

Making donated milk safe for preterm infants is expensive. Hospitals cover these costs for inpatients, but some babies are still dependent on donor human milk even after returning home. For families that lack insurance coverage and cannot afford our processing fees, MMBA dispenses donor milk at a discount, or free of charge. Supported by foundation grants and individual contributions – and 100% of proceeds from our partnership with in.gredients – our Charitable Care Program’s a critical component of the MMBA mission.

Why partner with in.gredients? The first package-less, zero-waste grocery store in America represents what breast milk is naturally – a no waste, package-less sustainable food perfectly created for infants.

Like in.gredients, MMBA’s a true community resource. We were deemed “best locally produced food product” by The Austin Chronicle in 2005, and over 40% of our donors are from the Austin area. Preterm infants are not unique to Austin, of course; we distribute milk throughout Texas and 15 other states.

To learn more about MMBA — how to donate your extra milk, contribute financially to our Charitable Care Program, or volunteer your time in our lab — please visit our website, call us, or friend us on Facebook. Thank you!”

With a laundry list of health challenges—many directly related to feeding and digestion— our James was a medically “needy” baby, but I also knew my husband and I likely couldn’t afford donor human milk. Then I learned about the milk bank’s Charitable Care Program to obtain safe donor milk at a price we could afford.” – an Austin mother

Find Mother’s Milk Bank

Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin, 2911 Medical Arts Street, Suite 12, Austin TX 78705 | Facebook

How we help Mothers’ Milk Bank

We donate the credits generated by customers who bring their own containers to fill in our store (5¢ per container) to the Milk Bank – making precycling not just good for our environment, but good for our community. We also sell reusable Milk Bank bags at our registers for $1; 100% of the proceeds go to the Milk Bank.

Buy Bags, Benefit Babies

Throughout our partnership with Mothers’ Milk Bank, we’ll be selling Milk Bank-branded reusable bags (in in.gredients green!) in our store. 100% of the proceeds go to the Milk Bank – and the bags are 100% reusable. What’s not to love?

Written by Brian Nunnery

August 5, 2012 at 9:15 pm

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