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Our mission is to be a different kind of grocery store – one that is responsible to the environment and community and one that facilitates a healthy lifestyle.
healthy soil + healthy air + healthy water = healthy people


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Press Releases

Austin Chronicle names in.gredients as 2012 Best New Local Business. Nov 8, 2012
in.gredients is named a 2012 TakePart Tastemaker Nov 6, 2012
Zero-Waste, Package-Free Grocery Store in.gredients Opens in East Austin | PR Web Aug 4, 2012
in.gredients, Urban Patchwork Partner to Build Hyper-Local Food Network in Cherrywood | PR Web Mar 19, 2012
Package-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store in.gredients Announces Location  |  PR Web July 15, 2011
in.gredients Crowd-Sources Funding, Aims to Become First Package-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store in Nation  |  PR Web June 16, 2011



Austin Way Q&A: in.gredients’ Josh Blaine Shares Cherrywood Favorites June 4, 2014
Austin Chronicle Mixin’ It Up at in.gredients May 22, 2014
Business Insider The 24 Coolest Small Businesses in Austin November 12, 2013
Culture Map  A Taste of our Five Favorite Austin Specialty Food Shops July 22, 2013
Entrepreneur Magazine How a New Grocery Store Concept Reduces Waste and Increases Profits July 22, 2013
Sustainia 2013 Package Free Grocery Store June, 2013
LA Times A Powerful Use for Spoiled Foods May 15, 2013
Business Insider The 20 Most Innovative Businesses In Austin February 27, 2013
Goodlifer in.gredients – A Zero Waste Food Store in Austin, Texas February 7, 2013
Naturally Fit Magazine in.gredients co-founder speaks about the success of being the first zero-waste grocery store on the east side. (pg. 66) February, 2013
KVUE in.gredients co-founder speaks about Best of Austin win November 15, 2012
Food Spring the foodspring 20 | The year in review: 2011’s top food news, trends and product introductions.
Austin Bearings in.gredients September 27, 2012
Austin Chronicle | Food Review: in.gredients – This zero-waste, packaging-free grocery store is more than just sustainable and convenient, it’s en.joyable August 31, 2012
Statesman | Real Magazine Bulk up, waste less at new grocery August 30, 2012
KVUE Package-free grocery store opens in East Austin August 6, 2012
Austin Business Journal Package-free grocer in.gredients opens in E. Austin August 6, 2012
Austin 360 ‘Portlandia’ dreams of the 1890s, zero-packaging rats August 3, 2012
An Organic Conversation A World Without Waste (radio show) June 23, 2012
Entrepreneur Magazine 2012 Most Brilliant Companies (Food Category) June 2012 Issue
Bon Appétit Magazine in.gredients: Austin’s Zero-Waste, Package-Free Grocery Store May 31, 2012
Austin American-Statesman Group plans to open ‘zero-waste’ grocery store this summer May 13, 2012
Austin iLab in.gredients Interview (radio show) Apr 12, 2012
CNBC Naked Groceries: Startup Creates Zero-Waste Store Feb 28, 2012
ecomagination Don’t Mess with Texas: Package-Free Grocery Store Raises Bar Feb 8, 2012
Edible Austin Notable Edibles – in.gredients Winter 2011
Fast Company’s CoExist | World Changing Ideas & Innovation In.gredients Wants To Be The First Packaging And Waste-Free Grocery Store Winter 2011
Think the Earth – Japan Is packaging disappearing from supermarkets? A new “pre-cycling” way to shop is becoming widespread Jan 26, 2012
World Wildlife Fund 50 innovations to inspire business transformation (Dematerialization, pg. 15) Oct 27, 2011
Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That The “Get Rid of It” Issue Oct 27, 2011
Sea Change Radio Wrap it up: Packaging Solutions (radio show) Oct 4, 2011
Epicurious in.gredients: A New Way to Shop for Food Oct 1, 2011
YNN Austin Business Now: New grocery ditches food packaging Sept 28, 2011
SmartPlanet Texas grocer encourages local sourcing, bulk buys Sept 27, 2011
Austin Business Journal Grocer bans packaged products Sept 23, 2011
TrendWatching Retail Renaissance Sept 9, 2011
Entrepreneur Magazine One Startup’s Plan to Kill Product Packaging Aug 24, 2011
Everything Packaged in.gredients to be 1st Package Free and Zero Waste Grocery Store Aug 4, 2011
Forbes 5 Trends in Green Living Aug 1, 2011
EcoSalon BYOB at Austin’s Pending No-Packaging Grocery Store July 31, 2011
YNN Austin Going Green: New zero waste grocery store headed for Austin (TV) July 23, 2011
KUT Austin Packaging-Free Grocery Store Announces Location July 18, 2011
KVUE First of its kind “no-packaging” store to open in Austin (TV) July 15, 2011
Austinist Less Really is More: in.gredients Co-founder Christian Lane Discusses the First Package-free Zero Waste Grocery Store July 13, 2011
The Texas Tribune The Next Green Grocery Frontier: Zero Waste? July 8, 2011
The New York Times Brothers Plan to Add ‘Zero Waste’ to Austin’s Grocery Scene July 7, 2011
The Daily Texan Packaging-free grocery store coming soon to Austin July 7, 2011
The Packer Texas store says no to packaging, yes to local produce July 7, 2011
SoCal Public Radio First zero-packaging grocery store gears up to open in Austin, TX (radio show) July 1, 2011
Living on Earth – Public Radio Int’l In-studio Interview: Zero Waste Green Grocer | Listen (radio show) July 1, 2011
Stylus in.gredients: Packaging Free July 2011
ABC News Austin’s Grocery Store Goes Packaging-Free June 28, 2011
Grist America’s first no-packaging grocery store coming to Austin June 26, 2011
Time News Feed America’s First Zero-Packaging Grocery Store to Open in Austin June 26, 2011 First Packaging-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store In US Coming To Austin, Texas June 24, 2011
GOOD Zero Packaging Grocery Store to Open in Austin, Texas June 24, 2011
Huffington Post America’s First No-Packaging Grocery Store To Open In Austin, Texas June 24, 2011
Rolling Stone #3 on The Threat Assessment – With Us, not Against Us June 24, 2011
inhabitat First Package-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store in US Opens in Austin, Texas June 24, 2011
Austin Business Journal Zero packaging grocery concept to debut in Austin — blog June 24, 2011
Yahoo News in.gredients Crowd-Sources Funding, Aims to Become First Package-Free, Zero-Waste Grocery Store in Nation June 16, 2011
Austin-American Statesman In effort to cut waste, Austinites plan to open package-free grocery store this fall June 15, 2011


Logos, icons, and artwork/photography

Photography credit: Patrick Lane Photography
Logo graphic 1
Logo graphic 2
Logo graphic 3
Logo graphic 4
small logo
large logo
high res


A little about us

The Brothers Lane are very much creative and innovative guys with a passion for making things better. We have disciplines rooted in process and technology (Praecipio Consulting), the creative arts (Patrick Lane Photography), and sustainability (Glean Organics).

Our interest in food and sustainability and drive to make things better is the force behind in.gredients.

Team shots

Photography credit: Patrick Lane Photography
Joseph, hi-res Joseph Lane, Co-Founder
Christian, hi-res Christian Lane, Co-Founder
Patrick, hi-res Patrick Lane, Team Member
Christopher, hi-res Christopher Pepe, Team Member
Whole team, hi-res Whole team



Written by Christian Lane

June 13, 2011 at 10:08 am

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